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While the European economy was still in crisis, Omniglass made the choice in 2014 to revise her strategies and to expand the company. Thanks to the Spanish national company for innovation (ENISA) it was possible for Omniglass to receive more credits to invest in innovation. Therefore Omniglass could start an innovation program and hired new staff and invested in new production facilities. ENISA agreed on the application of Omniglass for credit because Omniglass has the innovation and research & development (R&D) capacity. In addition Omniglass is the only private company in the Spanish glass-production sector that exports around 50% of the production. After all the ENISA was also impressed because of the high number of technical educated employees in Omniglass (around 20% of the total). One of Omniglass innovations is the complete renovation of the glass robot furnace. Due to the renovation, the capacity of this robot has increased till 70% and the production bending time is reduced with 20%. After the update and digitalization of the glass robot furnace it is possible for Omniglass to create a capacity for complex bending models. Omniglass received the ISO 9001-2008 certificate in 2014. This certificate is a reward for working according the […]
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“Glass is travelling in our business”, that is something Omniglass truly can say about the products they make. Windscreens are part of busses or coaches and such as they travel with the driver and passengers to all kinds of destinations, the glass travels from the factory to the distribution centres and to the fitters. To know more about the glass and about the ways it travelled in the production lines, Omniglass came up with an Unicode and QR-code.           An Unicode is just like the word it says: it is an unique code for a piece of glass. It is like the fingerprint of the glazing that comes out of the factory. This code contains all specific information regarding the glass, like thickness, measurements and weight. Also information about colour, quality and lamination is linked to this Unicode.                       To make this information and the Unicode visible and accessible for engineers, distributors and fitters, Omniglass created the specific QR-codes which are applied to the windshields produced by Omniglass. All new windscreens will be provided with a QR-code from May onwards. Then all information about the glass […]
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