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Omniglass serves window glazing for various transport-vehicles. Primarily we design, produce and deliver glazing for three different markets European-wide: Commercial Transport, Public Transport and Maritime Transport. Clients from other markets are also welcome to apply for our services as producer or distributor of window-glazing. Omniglass supplies not only glazing as original equipment for new coaches but also for the aftermarket.


Commercial Transport

One of the segments Omniglass serves is the Commercial Transport, this includes all kinds of coaches for passenger transportation. For drivers and passengers who spends hours in a coach which often transports them over a long distance, safety, comfort and reliability is an absolute necessity. Omniglass, as producer of quality windscreens for busses and coaches, makes sure that these crucial elements are part of the driving experience.


We are original equipment supplier of windscreens for the Spanish coach manufactories. Other major companies that we provide with quality made laminated glass are companies who are active in the aftermarket.


Beside the passenger transportation, Omniglass also delivers glazings for construction vehicles, agricultural machinery and cabins.


See also Public Transport and Maritime Transport

Public Transport

Omniglass serves the public transport, this can be urban or intercity busses, trains or trams. Major difference with the Commercial Transport is the use of the vehicles and types of the vehicles. Just like with Commercial Transport safety norms, comfort and reliability are crucial for the public transport companies. Trams, trains, subways and (inter)city busses do all have another type of windscreen which Omniglass can deliver.

In this market we are original supplier of the windscreens for various Spanish and Dutch bus manufactorers. In this way Omniglass also have all the knowledge, expierence and material to be the main supplier for the aftermarket.


See also Maritime Transport and Commercial Transport.

Maritime Transport

In the Maritime Transport segment, Omniglass is also a provider of window glazing. The Maritime Transport includes all kinds of shipping, off-shore, inland or sea ships. Omniglass has its own specialists regarding safety norms at sea. One of the safety norms ensures the customers that the glass can hold the enormous pressures of rough seas.


Customers of Omniglass can be sea-faring organizations such as the harbor pilots or private owners of boats used for inland sailing.


See also Public Transport and Commercial Transport